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Our Proven Cyber Law & Investigation Services

We offer a wide range of services to safeguard your digital assets and ensure justice prevails.

Cybercrime Investigations

Our team gathers evidence, identifies culprits, and helps recover stolen data.


Data Breach Response

We guide you through data breaches, minimize damage, and ensure regulatory compliance.


Cyber Litigation

Our lawyers fight for your rights in court, pursuing compensation and holding cybercriminals accountable.



Digital Forensics

We recover and analyze digital evidence to uncover the truth behind cyberattacks.


Online Reputation Management

We combat online defamation and protect your brand image from cyberattacks and negative reviews.


Cybersecurity Consulting

Our experts help you develop robust cybersecurity strategies to prevent future cyberattacks and data breaches.

Reclaim Control. Recover Your Losses. Why Choose Us for Your Cyber Investigation Needs?

Cybercrime can leave you feeling violated, confused, and unsure where to turn. Here’s where we come in. Our team of skilled investigators and cyber lawyers are dedicated to empowering you to take back control.

  • Expose Attackers, Recover Funds – We find the culprits and fight to get your stolen money back.
  • Strong Evidence, Fierce Advocacy – Our investigations empower lawyers to win your case in court.
  • Support Throughout, Peace Restored – We guide you every step of the way, so you can recover with peace of mind.

Get the Upper Hand Against Cybercrime.

Our comprehensive cyber law services and cutting-edge investigation expertise help you navigate complex digital threats. We fight for you, online and offline.

Trademark Protection

Our Cyber Law experts combat trademark misuse and help you protect your brand identity.

Cyber Law Consulting

Our consultants offer expert advice on a wide range of cyber legal issues, including commercial email spam, PPC trademark concerns, affiliate disputes, contracts, copyright, cybercrime defense, domain name disputes, hacking/unauthorized access, lawsuit consulting, and patents.

Cybercrime Recovery

Our team helps recover losses due to cybercrime and pursues legal action against attackers under the IT Act, 2000. We also offer arbitration and conciliation support.

E-Contract Drafting

Our Cybercrime Investigation Cell drafts and reviews E-Contracts for web portals, applications, hosting, content licensing, website intellectual property, and data security. We also provide website agreements, privacy policies, terms of use, and software development guidance.

Online Reputation

Our Cybercrime investigators and lawyers work together to address online defamation. We gather evidence, identify culprits, and help you take action against them.

Cyber Compliance Audit

Our team of Cyber Law experts and lawyers conduct cyber law compliance audits and ISO 27001 audits for businesses, financial institutions, and BPOs/KPOs/LPOs to ensure adherence to Indian Cyber Laws.

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Penal Provisions in IPC and IT Act

  • Sections 43 and 66 of the IT Act: Hacking and Data Theft
  • Section 378 of the IPC: Theft
  • Section 66B of the IT Act: Punishment for receipt of stolen property
  • Section 66B of the IT Act: Punishment for receipt of stolen property
  • Section 411 of the IPC: Punishment for theft
  • Section 66C of the IT Act: Identity theft and cheating by personation
  • Section 66F of the IT Act: Punishment for cyberterrorism

The Cyberlaw Watch

I was devastated after falling victim to an online investment scam. I lost a significant amount of money and felt completely helpless. But then I found Expert Cyber Lawyer. Their cybercrime investigation team was incredibly professional and understanding. They worked tirelessly to track down the scammers and recover my stolen funds. I was amazed at their expertise and persistence. Thanks to Mr.Rajesh & his team, I was able to get back a substantial portion of my money. I’m so grateful for their help. They gave me back a sense of security and hope.

Sangeetha K