Professional team of Cybercrime & Information Technology Lawyers with offices in Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and are experts in cyberlaw, intellectual property, blockchain / cryptocurrency/smart contracts, criminal law, tax law, and business law in India for more than a decade. 

Trademarks & Copyright
Our Cyber Law experts provide services on Trademark infringement, which is the actual violation of exclusive rights that are held by a trademark, without any permission from the owner of the trademark or any licensee. Our Cyber Law team check the factors that determine trademark infringement like similarity of the marks, the strength of the registered trademark, the actual confusion between the two trademarks and the intent of the infringer.
Cyber Crime Litigation
Our team of Cyber Lawyers provide services to Corporate and Individuals in recovering losses due to Cyber Crime under I.T Act, 2000 and provide Arbitration and Conciliation Support.
Online Defamation
Our team of Cyber Crime investigation cell and Cyber Lawyers helps a person aggrieved of the offence of cyber defamation which can happen to any individual when harm is done to his reputation or character through a social networking site or via an email, or publishing a defamatory statement on the internet forum. Our team helps collect all information about defamation, person responsible, actual reasons and helps take action on the guilty.
Cyber Law Consulting
Commercial email spam, PPC campaign trademark advice, affiliate dispute, contracts, copyright, cyber crime defence, domain name dispute, hacking/unauthorised access, lawsuit consulting, and patents.
Our Cyber Crime Investigation Cell provide services on the online Web portal applications like Design and Development of Web pages, Hosting, ISP, Content Licensing on B2C and B2B applications, IPR in relation to a website and Supply of Web pages. Website agreement, privacy policy, terms of use agreements, data and information security consulting. We provide inputs on development and installation of software.
Cyber Law Compliance Audit
Our team of Cyber Law Experts and Cyber Lawyers provide Cyber Law Compliance Audit & ISO 27001 Audit as per Indian Cyber Laws to corporate organizations, financial institutions, and BPOs/KPOs/LPOs.

Smart Contract Auditing and Crypto Fraud Investigator

With over 100 start-ups and counting, is the right choice for you! Simply put, it's the most complete cybersecurity security firm in India. Now, you can hire a lawyer to review legal contracts, employment agreements, service agreements, vendor sale agreements, and startup-founder agreements.

Credit Card Frauds | Investigation and Litigation

Our cybercrime investigation centre is equipped help startups, companies and individuals with expert cybercrime investigation, forensic analysis, digital evidence analysis, advice and report preparation, and cyber law litigation advisory services.

Cyber Law Consultants Bangalore | ICO, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Legal Advisors 

We, as Cyber Law Experts and Criminal Cyber Lawyers, are specialized in this domain and provide a whole spectrum of online legal services on Cyber Laws and deliver cyber security solutions to our clients with great quality and professionalism. We excel in blockchain law and regulatory matters, cyberlaw consulting, cyber forensics, software license piracy cases, trademark, and copyright infringement.

Top Cyber & IP Lawyers in Chennai

Our Cyber Investigation cell has set up a cyber cell to book cyber complaints related to credit card frauds, internet phishing, cyber sabotage case, online banking frauds, online share trading frauds, forgery and counterfeiting, accounting frauds, source code theft or tampering, digital signature frauds, email defamation, email frauds, online and software piracy, and other hacking and virus attack frauds.

We, as Cyber Law Experts and Criminal Cyber Lawyers, are specialized in this domain and provide a whole spectrum of online legal services on Cyber Laws and deliver cyber security solutions to our clients with great quality and professionalism. We excel in Cyber law consulting, Cyber Forensics, Software License piracy cases, Trademark, and Copyright infringement.

  • Deliver accurate electronic documentation services for various processes such as Legal Process Outsourcing, IPR, e-Publishing, e-commerce, Software Services, Audit & Compliance.
  • Drafting techno-legal agreements & website legal documents
  • Cyber crime detection, investigation and computer forensic services
  • Electronic evidence gathering and preservation
  • Mobile and Web application security audit
  • Network security audit

Looking for Crypto Asset Recovery Support?

ECL' team of digital forensic cryptocurrency investigators have extensive experience in conducting large, complex investigations. Our investigators and crypto fraud analysts are capable of identifying connections between cryptocurrency addresses and entities, such as criminals, dark markets, mixers, and fiat on and off-ramps.

We start our crypto recovery services by first creating detailed documented evidence which can be extremely useful in establishing the chain of events, intelligence and criminal actions of the crypto criminals. Our investigative report can be shared with the law enforcement agencies for suitable action regarding money laundering, narcotics trafficking, terrorism financing, ransomware, and more.

Our crypto investigators provide comprehensive reports on the investigations conducted that'll act as a catalyst in litigations in the courts. We also assist in providing expert testimony witnesses to assist the prosecution and courts. We leave no stone unturned in getting your crypto asset recovery from the criminals.

Penal Provisions in IPC and IT Act

Both Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the special enactment, Information Technology Act, deals with and provides for punishment for the offences relating to cyber crimes. 

  • Sections 43 and 66 of the IT Act: Hacking and Data Theft
  • Section 378 of the IPC: Theft
  • Section 66B of the IT Act: Punishment for receipt of stolen property
  • Section 411 of the IPC: Punishment for theft
  • Section 66C of the IT Act: Identity theft and cheating by personation
  • Section 66F of the IT Act: Punishment for cyberterrorism

Cybercrimes listed under the IPC are bailable other than offences under section 420 (cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property), section 468 (forgery for the purpose of cheating), section 411 (dishonestly receiving stolen property), section 378 (theft) and section 409 (criminal breach of trust by public servant, or by banker, merchant or agent), which are non-bailable.

Cyber Defence Lawyers India – Protect your Online Reputation

Our team of Cyber Crime Lawyers based in Chennai, India are equipped to handle cyberlaw cases and cyber investigations like hacking, credit card frauds, online defamation, illegal downloading, bank robbery, creation and distribution of viruses, pornography, technology-aided crime, online unfair use or infringement of intellectual property rights etc.

If you are victim of Financial Fraud, Job Fraud, Advance Fee Scam, Matrimonial Fraud, Email Scam and Phishing, Online Scam or Fraud, Identity Theft, Obscene Content, Cyber Bullying, or any other Cyber Crime, talk to our team of experienced cyber lawyers today!

Government has launched a special National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal for reporting cybercrime incidents.

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