Web Application Security Audit Services

Web security auditĀ helps the enterprises to improve their security at every level of the life cycle i.e. in the design phase, implementation phase or even when the software is running in the production environment. The solutions provided by auditor help the enterprise understand the implications from business as well as security perspective.

Our web security audit evaluates your web application security for weaknesses that allow hackers access to your website, databases, and internal network.

Prevent App Exploits and Protect Sensitive Data

We use various web security audit tools to examine web applications for common problems such as Web Developer toolbar, Hackbar, Tool to decode BASE64 and URL Encoding, SwitchProxy, Add and Edit Cookies, Cross site scripting, SQL Injection, Cookies and Hidden Fields, Wget, etc.

We recommend various precautionary measures for doing pre-checks on your web applications.

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