Trademark Registration and Prosecution Services

A trademark or service mark represents a visual symbol that indicates the origin of manufacture or service or vendor. Such mark may be in the form of a word, letter, shape, or a symbol, etc. Distinguish your product or service from the competition and build a brand recognition for your offerings in the marketplace.

Register your trademark for brand name/ logo/ service mark, to prevent third parties from using the same or a similar sign for identical or comparable goods or services. You can check registered trademarks and trademark application status from trademark registry. A trademark used for any commercial purpose without the permission of the trademark owner is a punishable offense.

Identify unique proposition of your product or service, and create a distinctive mark to differentiate your offerings from the competition. Perform advanced trademark search to identify prior registered trademarks similar to your offering.

In the case of disputes, our expert trademark lawyers/ trademark attorneys at bangalore prepare comprehensive trademark examination report to defend the trademark for approval with the concerned authorities.

Provide assistance in filing for trademark infringement plea to prevent infringement, financial loss or reputational harm to the brand.

Comprehensive List of Trademark Services

Educate customers on the trademark registration procedure, government fees and approval timeline for a win-win partnership. Trademark services include:

  • Trademarks/ Service Marks Registration
  • Trademark Search
  • Brand names Suggestion
  • Trademark Assignments
  • Trademark Oppositions
  • Trademark Prosecution

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