Software Licensing Services

The software is an intangible legal asset which, due to its complexity, is seldom accessible to licensing with a simple software license agreement limited to the design of industrial property rights. License agreements play an essential role in all areas of intellectual property. Whether patents, copyrights, design, know-how or brands, licensing agreements on the usufructuary power and the business model decide everywhere.

We advise our clients on all important issues of software licensing, such as the transfer of software, documentation, distribution of rights in the further development and warranty as well as termination possibilities.

For Software Companies

Get advice on designing and reviewing licensing agreements such as end-user, purchasing agreements, and rental license agreements. Also, we help you with the contract execution. We review and revise existing agreements and adapt them to current legal and actual circumstances. We design a clear and appropriate agreement for you that is tailored to your personal circumstances.

Free licensing applies to open source software as well as to works that may be used under Creative Commons licenses. These licensing models contain specific legal problems in which we have particular expertise. For example, Copyleft licenses require the processing of the original work under the same open source license conditions. When this is the case, it must be assessed by the particular technical constellation and requires experience in this interface area of law and technology which they can expect from us.

Buying a Software license?

Our Software Licensing Advisory comprised of combined audit expertise, both from a license management and legal perspective. Our team delivers a well-integrated software license audits and close gaps for any compliance issues.

Our team consists of compliance-focused licensing advice plus specialized know-how in software, commercial and IP law.

Save your organization from any excessive audit measures and clarify any legal gray areas for you.

Scope of Software Licensing Services

  • Developing software licensing agreements
  • Review and revise existing licensing agreements
  • Help with the Software licensing purchase plan
  • Check effectiveness of the acquisition of software licenses
  • Legal support during contract execution
  • Consulting during the buying and selling of software
  • Representation in court and out-of-court during disputes
  • Communication with the Client to clarify the matter at hand, whether over the telephone, by email or in face-to-face conversations as needed
  • Determining the legality and scope of software audit clauses
  • Analyzing the factual correctness of audit results, including research of potential errors in the opposing party‚Äôs justification of claims
  • Review price calculation and its validity
  • Conduct a thorough SWOT-Analysis

Qualified Cyber & IT Lawyer

For free initial legal consultation with a Cyber & IT Lawyer, cyber lawyer or lawyer in another related field, please contact our Bangalore Cyber & IT Lawyer today to listen to your case to determine the proper course of action for software license management, software licensing enforcement, reporting software piracy, license non-compliance, software protection and licensing disputes. We have offices in Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai. We represent clients throughout India.

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