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A patent is a limited right that offers the patent owner / inventor with the choice of how others can use the invention. Patent owners or inventors create technical know-how information on their inventions to be published for the industry adoption. Whether it’s a utility patent or design patent, a patent is a legal intellectual property right that grants exclusive ownership rights to the creator of an invention.

The patent right is granted after fulfilling certain prescribed qualifications for 20 years. After the patent expires, the technology may freely be used by anyone. A patent must either be a new product or a process that are novel, inventive and use for the industrial application.

As per the Indian Patent laws, a patent owner/ inventor gets the following rights:

  • No third party can make, sue or sell the product without the consent of the patent owner/ inventor.
  • No third party can use or sell the process to another party without the approval of the process owner/ invention owner.

Characteristics of a Patent

  • Novelty – should not be known or used by others.
  • Non-obvious – must not be apparent to a person having ordinary skill.
  • Usefulness – must have a significant use.

Patent protection helps inventors, companies and individuals’ by recognizing their creativity and provide mundane rewards for their marketable inventions. Such protection is to guarantee that invention of a product or process should not be commercially exploited without the consent of the patent holder.

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Our expert patent lawyer or patent attorney at bangalore can assist in patent litigation to enforce patent rights, protect against possible patent infringements and seek compensation for financial damage, royalty  fees, and filing of injunction suit to prevent further infringement.

Our team of IP attorneys or Patent lawyers at bangalore provides online filing of the patent, patent registration process, monitoring of patent infringement and patent litigation suits. Review the technicalities of patent filing and draft patent specifications meeting the customer’s requirements. Study prior references for developing technical specifications and prepare claim charts to minimize the chances of patent infringement.

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Draft necessary briefs to address any patent infringement and help with legal proceedings of the patent litigation. Our Patent Attorney, Professional Patent Lawyers, patent agents, and patent consultants at banglore are qualified to represent before national and international patent authorities such as India Patent Office (IPO), Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB), USPTO and EPO for patent registration, patent protection or patent litigation.

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