Intellectual Property (IP) Litigation – Takedown Notices, IP Mediation and IP Counselling

Intellectual property protection is a necessity because it is an exclusive right to the creators or inventors. IP protection encourages individuals to distribute and share information and data instead of keeping it secret.

With our expert IP lawyers/ IP Attorneys, your businesses can get expert legal representation for all IP disputes – settlement of IP disputes, file takedown notices for IP infringements, defend IP claims, IP mediation, IP counseling, etc.

Our IP attorneys at bangalore make a great combination of legal, and technical expertise with vast knowledge of trade secrets, IP laws, unfair business practices, contract disputes, and digital technology to handle any Intellectual Property rights case.

Associate with a specialized IP litigation firm that has an in-depth understanding of the nuances and intricacies of intellectual property rights. Our IP lawyers strive hard to prevent counterfeiting and piracy.

We provide an expert legal defense to the creators and right holders the incentive of their work. Help in the protection of an innovative idea, free from any infringement. Adopt successful methods to prevent plagiarism and unauthorized copying.

Supports and generates income to the creator to achieve more such useful ideas which in turn contribute to the social and economic growth of a country

IPR Case Studies

Sun Pharmaceuticals filed a suit for the IP rights for the term “sun” since the public is confusing themselves between them and Sun TV network. After several years, the case failed to state that Sun is a universal property and one cannot seek rights in that.

Similar case with Dairy Milk brand that wanted to claim IP rights in the industrial design for the purple color. Claim failed as the color is a natural phenomenon, and one cannot find rights in that.

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