Cyber Defamation and Online Reputation Management

Defamation is defined as “an intentional false communication, either published or publicly spoken, that injures another’s reputation or good name.” (Dixon v. Holden, 1869) Cyber Defamation Lawyer – Protect your Brand Reputation from Internet Defamation, Libel, Slander & Cyber Smear in India Reputation, whether it be a person, organization or a brand remains their most valuable…

Defamation is defined as “an intentional false communication, either published or publicly spoken, that injures another’s reputation or good name.” (Dixon v. Holden, 1869)

Cyber Defamation Lawyer – Protect your Brand Reputation from Internet Defamation, Libel, Slander & Cyber Smear in India

Reputation, whether it be a person, organization or a brand remains their most valuable asset. Reputation is one asset that remains most vulnerable to direct and indirect online attacks by individuals, competitors, disgruntled employees and even from media. Today, people use various digital media platforms as a tool to defame, slander & attack anyone by publishing unsolicited, false, misleading content and information, which will become visible to the masses within seconds.

Some of the popular digital media platforms are a forum, message board or a social media network such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Groups, etc.

The Law of Cyber Defamation – Indian Context

Cyber Law encompasses cyber-crimes, e-commerce, intellectual property laws, privacy rights, and jurisdiction. Cyber-crimes includes unauthorized access to computers, online banking frauds, child pornography, software piracy, cyber stalking.

Defamation means wrongfully or intentionally making a publication of words or behavior concerning another person, which has the effect of injuring that person’s name, status or reputation in society.

There are two broad types of defamation activity. Such as:

  1. Libel
  2. Slander

When the defamatory statement made verbally then it counts as slander and when the defamatory the statement made in writing in front of the third person, then it is known as libel.Under S.500 of IPC

Under S.500 of IPC – Defamation can be punishable for simple imprisonment up to 2 years.

India has the provision of Information Technology Act, 2000 to protect cyber-crimes and define the terms and infringements in relation to cyber law. One of the most important amendment to IPC along with IT act was the word “documents” replaced by the words “documents or electronic record”. This amendment automatically brought several cyber-crimes under the purview of IPC.

This amendment automatically brought several cyber-crimes under the purview of IPC. Generally under IPC written defamation can be punishable. Any defamatory statement made on any social media website or trying to spread wrong information or images or any other document by way of the internet to any other person or number of persons which harm person’s reputation, status or name in public can also punishable under S. 500 of IPC.

Civil and Criminal Defamation Laws in India

Potential customers when they look you or your brand up on the Google search engine may find such offensive, defaming content troubling. It does not take much time for a rogue or former employee or a disgruntled customer to perpetrate cyber defamation, or trade libel crime by building a website or post on third-party websites that quickly rank high on search engines. Our internet defamation lawyer can quickly to put an end to such defamatory practices.

There is a difference between protected freedom of expression and actionable Internet defamation. We understand the difference and know what to do with such libel, or defamation threat to safeguard your hard-earned reputation.

Sometimes, these attacks even take a sinister form where investigative journalists or protest groups take matters to the level of the harassment of individuals, thus breaching their right to privacy. The results of any of the online defamation and slander practice in the online cyberspace can be catastrophic and may even cause irretrievable damage to the reputation of a person or a brand.

Ingredients of Cyber Defamation Laws in India

Three major essentials of Cyber Defamation as outlined in the case of Santosh Tewari v. the State of UP, 1996 are as follows:-

  1. The defamatory statements must be published.
  2. Shall be in the form of visible representations.
  3. There must be an intention to cause harm or with the knowledge that it will harm the goodwill of the person.

Only a reputed and experienced internet defamation lawyer with specialized domain expertise and thorough understanding of cyber libel and cyber investigation lawyer can help in protecting your or your brands’ reputation in the cyberspace.

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Our primary objective is getting the offending material removed from websites on which it appears and from search engine result pages (SERPs). We also help with legal action, including through civil litigation for recovering damages and other fees.

Tools of Cyber Defamation Litigation – Legal Notice, Court Orders, Infringement Notice, IT Act Laws, Civil Litigation has a team of dedicated team of online reputation management and Internet defamation lawyers in Bangalore that can help clients with cyber harassment, cyber smearing, cyber bullying, revenge porn, cyber stalking, cyber investigation, online slander, negative Facebook posts, defamatory blogs, identity theft, and other cyber defamation cases in India. We make optimum use of cyber investigation tools and services like defamation lawsuit, IT Act, IP Laws, Electronic evidence tools, defamation legal notices, court orders, subpoenas, infringement of confidentiality laws, privacy laws, broadcasting and press codes with our PR focused approach. We are experienced within stopping anonymous defaming attackers and help file defamation legal suit to inflict appropriate pressure in the right places and help restore the brand image and public perception.

Statutory Provisions To Online Cyber Defamation in Bangalore

In India, Lawsuit for the cyber defamation can be either civil, or criminal proceedings, or both depends upon the case details. Some the Acts and rules that deal with cyber defamation issues are The Indian Penal Code, 1960, The Information Technology Act, 2000, The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 and The Indian Evidence Act, 1872. The Charging Act for Prevention of Cyber Crimes in India is the Information Technology Act, 2000.

Assistance in Filing Complaint of Cyber Defamation Cases in Bangalore

Our defamation lawyers provide assistance in filing the complaint about the offense of cyber defamation in the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell, a unit of Crime Investigation Department (CID). The Cyber Crime Investigation cells deal with offenses related to the computer, computer network, computer resource, computer systems, computer devices, and the Internet. It also has the power to look into other high-tech financial frauds. With the advent of digital proliferation, several Cyber Crime Investigation Cells have opened up in major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Pune, Lucknow, etc.

Expert Online Defamation and Internet Law Services Bangalore, India

Online Reputation Management and Repair Services in Bangalore – India

As a team of experienced professionals in internet defamation removal, we take a closer look at the circumstances. We work closely with crisis communication teams, public relations teams and marketing experts for a company and individuals to rebuild and repair our client’s online reputation. As a cleanup activity, we repair the harm done by cyber attacks using Facebook defamation removal policies, Google copyright infringement policies and minimize the impact of defamation with our expert defamation removal services in Bangalore, India.

Quick Damage Recovery and Defamatory Content Removal

Once the damaging, defamatory statements and posts are made over the internet, only filing a criminal lawsuit under the IT Act, removing the unlawful information, identifying the culprit, etc. will not be enough to restore the Internet reputation of a brand or individual. The reputation harm that they have brunt seems irreparable, and it may sometimes lead to monetary damage as well. We at, not only pursue the source of defamation on social media but also obtain judgments from the court of law and bring monetary verdicts for people who are falsely defamed.

  • Removal of false and defamatory articles, tweets, Facebook posts, discussion boards and internet content
  • Compel the offending parties to remove libelous or slanderous materials from websites and other online media such as social media websites, review-based websites, consumer complaint-based websites, blogs, private blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, and online news websites
  • Gather evidence to support the occurrence of Internet defamation
  • Clean up search engine result pages
  • Contact blog and forum webmasters to remove untrue content
  • Investigate anonymous internet authors who perpetrate defamation crimes
  • File defamation complaints seeking monetary damages and injunctive relief for online defamation
  • Negotiate settlements
  • Removal of unauthorized use of copyrighted work and content.

Online Brand Reputation Monitoring And Prevention

We also work closely with digital marketing, analytics and cyber security consultants to monitor the pace of cyber attacks on the client above once the case reaches its verdict to prevent cyber crime cases in future. Our team of online reputation management consultants makes deep use of web search tools to assist our clients in reputation monitoring what is being said about them on social platforms. If we discover any unfair practice or infringement of internet reputation, we help them counterfeit at the right time to avoid damage to online reputation. Our cyber law consulting team helps clients in identifying the online reputation issues, cyber crimes, defamation & slander beforehand and address them even before they become a cause of worry.

We understand that issues involving brand reputation can be critical to the growth of the business or even for the individual. Thus, we work closely with the clients to get the better understanding of their concerns related to cyber defamation and online reputation management. We aim to meet objective and deliver only bespoke online defamation removal strategies for the clients.

Our internet defamation lawyer uses innovative and techno investigation strategies such as back-end DNS, domain registrars, domain registrant search, proxy services, IP tracking, ISP subpoenas and related issues. We have expertise in identifying and locating “anonymous” infringers through the use of digital forensic tools and techniques.

Contact Our Qualified Internet Defamation & Online Reputation Lawyer in Bangalore for all your online defamation and reputation needs

Whether you are the victim of a defamatory post, comment, tweet or article on the internet, or suffered due to online libel/slander/smearing post, our expert cyber defamation lawyers ready to advocate for your rights, even help you with the Internet defamation lawsuit. If you are experiencing negative or inflammatory statements on other websites, you need a qualified internet defamation lawyer to protect your rights and reputation online.

We have had tremendous in removing defamatory posts, articles, and other libelous content from several website sources such as social media network, consumer complaint websites, review websites, etc. offers comprehensive online reputation management (ORM) services and techniques that will ensure your business maintains its superb image in the eye of internet users.

Online Reputation Management Benefits

A compact reputation has several direct and indirect benefits for a business.

  • A strong and well-managed online reputation guarantees that businesses have a great first impression on their prospects. It focuses on building a positive brand image by recognizing the key customer touchpoints and using them to build positive first impressions.
  • Removes negative listings from top rankings.
  • Promotes positive electronic word-of-mouth.
  • Increases positive perception of your brand.
  • Gain insight into online networks and keywords and key phrases found in the user-generated content, which can help to strengthen natural search results about the person, product, or business.
  • Increase positive insights of the brand by creating prospects to listen to and engage with consumers.
  • Maintain shareholder value by justifying risk by having ears close to the ground where views about our business are being formed and propagated.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by gaining insights from consumers about what is good and bad about our product or services.

For a free initial legal consultation with an internet lawyer, cyber lawyer or lawyer in another related field, please contact our Bangalore internet defamation lawyer today to listen to your case to determine the proper course of action for cyber defamation, internet libel, slander and cyber smear disputes.

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