Have you been a victim of Cryptocurrency Fraud?

Cybercriminals target gullible netizens with an aim to commit serious financial frauds using the new digital age tool, Cryptocurrency. It seems the common modus operandi employed is to identify and select innocent people on social media with an inducement to invest in cryptocurrency trading with unbelievable promises. Using fraudulent means, they entice and trap the victims in coercing them to invest in thousands of dollars in shady cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Is it possible to trace the criminal masterminds behind the scam?

Unfortunately, there’s no straight answer. Unlike traditional transactions, Cryptocurrency is multi-jurisdiction spanning across the globe. It is nearly impossible to find the criminals behind it as they use fake or stolen identities and they hide behind the technology. Even if you’re successful in establishing the source of the crime – whether individual culprits or organisation, recovering money through legal proceedings is another hurdle as each country has its own laws and procedures.

How to unearth the cryptocurrency fraud?

Our team comprises of expert cybercrime investigators, we invest in tools, technologies, and constant research to trace out the source of the crime. We analyse the blockchain data, investigate the websites, addresses, social media chats, and other traces of the cryptocurrency trading platform. We try to identify the link that contributed the wrongful loss.

Cryptocurrency Investigation

Once we have unearthed the source of the scam, we reach out to various authorities from banks to investigative bodies such as police; We send letters to regulatory authorities of the crime originating country; We send legal notices to the trading platform, hosting providers, domain registrars and literally anyone who has connection to the scam cryptocurrency investment trading platform.

Recovery from Cryptocurrency Scam or Fraud

Our expert cybercrime lawyers help victims of cryptocurrency and trading platform scams through in-depth research and investigation. Whether it’s Bitcoin, Crypto, CFDs, Litecoin or Ethereum, we can help you recover your money.

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