Cryptocurrency Scam Recovery

Help for Online Crypto Scam Victims We are NOT a crypto recovery company. We will advise you on all aspects of crypto recovery — protecting you from getting double-scammed by crypto recovery companies. We are lawyers first. Our expertise in digital technology, digital forensics, cryptocurrency, and cybercrime investigation is unparalleled — makes it easier to…

Help for Online Crypto Scam Victims

We are NOT a crypto recovery company. We will advise you on all aspects of crypto recovery — protecting you from getting double-scammed by crypto recovery companies.

We are lawyers first. Our expertise in digital technology, digital forensics, cryptocurrency, and cybercrime investigation is unparalleled — makes it easier to trace transactions across cryptocurrency ledgers.

Because we breathe as much law as technology, and as expert technology lawyers, we firmly believe that case preparation based on the best available digital evidence — tracing cryptocurrency transaction data and examining crypto blockchain transactions — is the foremost step in getting back the lost money.

Over the last five years, we have assisted more than 278 individuals and companies who had lost their investments in fake and fraudulent cryptocurrency trading, crypto loan interest apps, bitcoin mining, and other Ponzi-crypto schemes. We use sophisticated blockchain explorer tools for tracing and tracking cryptocurrency transaction data on the chain — transaction hash, sender wallet and receiver wallet.

Thanks to our detailed cryptocurrency investigative tracing and tracking report backed with research and findings, many of our clients have found a better chance of success in crypto scam recovery when they approach the local enforcement authorities such as the FBI, Police, and Financial tracking authorities. We have recommended several approaches to explore the feasibility of unmasking fraudsters who use deceptive techniques such as social media honey trapping, attractive interest rates, fake winning, romance scam, fake tax fees, double-the-money investments and so on.

We know how cyberspace works.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Tracking Services
We deploy advanced blockchain explorer tools to track/trace/examine your crypto/bitcoin wallet transactions.

Whether it’s a law enforcement agency, financial authority, bank or court, you need to present your case clearly and concisely backed up with a clear trail of evidence — you’ll need a cryptocurrency tracing certified examiner.

The cryptocurrency (bitcoin, ether) money recovery process is two folds:

  1. CRYPTO TRACING: Our unique Cyber Tracking, Tracing and Investigative (CTTI) approach towards transactions, fraudsters, and the trail of digital evidence.
  2. CRYPTO SCAM RECOVERY(!): By deploying various tools and techniques and approaches, including approaching law enforcement authorities, courts of law, and so on, we can advise you on the steps in getting the funds reversed to your account. It may take several months.

We are experts in TRACING. We do not offer any guarantees in RECOVERY.

Either way, you want to focus on getting started with tracing transactions across cryptocurrency ledgers as the digital evidence is extremely volatile and most legit wallet providers, exchanges, and even law enforcement agencies would expect clear, detailed documentation of the case, which is what we do best.

You have a much better chance of success with our Crypto Tracing Report ̦— solid digital evidence.


Cyber Tracking, Tracing & Investigative Approach using Advanced Digital Forensics

The Best Cryptocurrency Tracing Certified Examiner.

  • Initial Assessment: First, we assess to verify the authenticity of the case by carefully examining the communications on email, WhatsApp, and social media.
  • Evidence Discovery: Next, we deploy tools and techniques to gather all necessary evidence for your case.
  • Cyber Tracking: Next, we begin the process of cyber tracking and tracing financial transactions. This could take a few weeks to complete.
  • Money Recovery: Finally, we focus efforts on getting your money back based on the information available and also help in drafting necessary demand notices to authorities and law enforcement agencies if the case warrants.

We are precisely bridging this information gap through our crypto investigation, case preparation and presentation services from the start backed up with clear robust evidence.

And as you know, it requires mammoth effort, time, and expertise to wade through the data.

The takeaway here is that, if you’re serious about getting your money back then you need to first put all the pieces of evidence together, the more information you have about the fraud and the persons behind it, the better the chances.




Initial Case setup for cyber tracking, tracing and investigative support. Our professional legal and investigative fee is USD 75 per hour. This does not include licensing fee for the Crypto tracing software. The approximate fee for the complete tracing report may cost between 900-1500$ USD. You can provide us with the report, we will analyze it and help you make sense of it.

What can you expect from us? We can assist in researching, collecting evidence, analysing the report, documents and drafting necessary documents for banks, exchanges and police authorities to restore the lost funds.  

Here’s how you can pay to get started.

Buy now

* Please note that any professional fee paid will not be refunded or transferred

Once payment is done, inform us so that we can start making sense of the data.

Email us with all the details of the persons involved/met on the dating site (phone number, social media handle, contact address, etc.) transactions (yours & their wallet addresses, bank statement, mode of payment) and issues (withdrawal issues). Please note that we are busy responding to several email requests in a day, so we may take a while to reply to your emails.


An initial assessment of the damage & recovery feasibility.

The key is initial tracing on the blockchain.

Most victims of cryptocurrency investments or broker scams or crypto honey-trapping scams, come with vague, unsubstantiated claims:

  • I got scammed with a CoinBase wallet.
  • I got involved in cryptocurrency through an online group and now every time I am trying to withdraw my funds they are telling me I need to pay some withdrawal fees and taxes beforehand.
  • Could you please help me recover my funds since I am a victim of a cryptocurrency scam?
  • Met a person on a dating network and lost cryptocurrency funds through a 3-way scam. Need to recover the money fast.

When confronted with questions – where did you meet the scammers, when did you invest, how much did you invest, how many transactions, whether you ascertained the background of the scammers, their real identities, list of transaction details, and what prompted them to continue to lose money. There’s no data.

It’s understandable. Because of the sudden shock, frustration, and mental agony due to the loss of their hard-earned life-savings, they forget to gather the necessary piece of evidence.

But from the recovery point of view, it’s critical that an expert cybercrime lawyer and the digital forensics investigator looks at your case, prepare the facts, and stack all the best available evidence from email, WhatsApp, bank statement, wallet transactions, ethscan data, and several other pieces of data.


Gathering evidence and tracing the cryptocurrency transactions on the blockchain explorer.

We use sophisticated proprietary crypto tracing tools as well as invest in industry-leading tools to track/trace fraudulent crypto transactions on the blockchain and the people behind them.

Ethscan Wallet Tracker

One cannot simply underestimate the
power of data mining and the discovery of evidence.

The real challenge (and great rewards!) is to present the complex data in a simplified and meaningful format to strengthen your case.

Crypto exchanges, wallet providers and law enforcement authorities love documentation with lots of pieces of evidence, data, timelines, background verification about the fraudsters and most important of all, digital evidence trail.


Because then it just makes it easier for them to further investigate and proceed legally to recover the lost funds from these scammers, brokers, cybercriminals, crypto fraudsters, agents and so on.


A Word of Caution…

Please understand that it is *almost* impossible to recover the funds from the bitcoin wallet scam. Do not proceed if you do not have excess money. Any attempt in recovering lost cryptocurrency funds is just an attempt, nothing more or less. Do not be tempted by fake scam recovery companies, no matter how tempting their promises are. At no point, you should ignore the following word of caution when dealing with lost cryptocurrency funds whether due to a fake wallet, fake exchange, a fake mining company, honey trapping, etc.

No matter what, do NOT send any more money to the scammers.

If you paid via credit or debit card, then you should call the disputes department at your bank and raise a dispute immediately. The first few minutes/hours are very precious.

If you paid via Wire, EFT or Bank Transfer you should request to speak with the fraud department.

If you paid via Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency, then you can request us to perform a trace of the Cryptocurrency transaction.


Crypto Recovery Scammers’ Tricks and Tactics (No Upfront Fee Scam)


Scam recovery companies deploy several tricks and tactics to steal more money from you. Some of their tactics include:

  • The company that stole your money is a cold wallet and needs to hack its website.
  • We will have to use help from ethical hackers, but we have to pay for
    the service.
  • These hackers are not part of our company and we need their help before we can have access to whatever we need to recover your funds.
  • If you are ok with that we will get the quotes from them and you can make the payment for the tools to complete your recovery.

So, stop. Think carefully before proceeding further.


The Hard Truth about Cryptocurrency Scam Recovery

So, if you have lost anywhere less than $50K, then it would not be practical to further investigate and initiate any crypto fund recovery process. And any real chance of crypto funds recovery from scammers is small because of the underlying blockchain technology which guarantees anonymity and the cybercriminals’ approach using fake profiles and personas.

You don’t have to lose more than what you have to.
Do not get scammed again with enticing fake promises.
No one can guarantee the recovery, not even the FBI.


Have you been a victim of Cryptocurrency Fraud?


Cybercriminals target gullible netizens with an aim to commit serious financial frauds using the new digital age tool, Cryptocurrency. It seems the common modus operandi employed is to identify and select innocent people on social media with an inducement to invest in cryptocurrency trading with unbelievable promises. Using fraudulent means, they entice and trap the victims by coercing them to invest thousands of dollars in shady cryptocurrency trading platforms.


Is it possible to trace the criminal masterminds behind the scam?

Unfortunately, there’s no straight answer. Unlike traditional transactions, Cryptocurrency is multi-jurisdiction spanning across the globe. It is nearly impossible to find the criminals behind it as they use fake or stolen identities and hide behind technology. Even if you’re successful in establishing the source of the crime – whether individual culprits or organisation, recovering money through legal proceedings is another hurdle as each country has its own laws and procedures.


How to unearth the cryptocurrency fraud – Fund Tracing

Our team comprises expert cybercrime investigators, we invest in tools, technologies, and constant research to trace out the source of the crime. We analyse the blockchain data and investigate the websites, addresses, social media chats, and other traces of the cryptocurrency trading platform. We try to identify the link that contributed to the wrongful loss.


Robust Cryptocurrency Investigation and Recovery Services

Once we have unearthed the source of the scam, we reach out to various authorities from banks to investigative bodies such as the police; We send letters to regulatory authorities of the crime-originating country; We send legal notices to the trading platform, hosting providers, domain registrars and literally anyone who has a connection to the scam cryptocurrency investment trading platform.


Recovery from Cryptocurrency Scam or Frauds

Our expert cybercrime lawyers help victims of cryptocurrency and trading platform scams through in-depth research and investigation. Whether it’s Bitcoin, Crypto, CFDs, Litecoin or Ethereum, we can help you identify, assess, discover and gather all the pieces of evidence which will aid in recovering your lost cryptocurrency funds.



The best time to start is yesterday.

It’s a now-or-never deal. Take action now to protect the lost funds.

Before the culprits erase the traces and run away with your money, you need to step up
and initiate the Cyber Tracking, Tracing and Investigative (CTTI) for the money recovery process to be successful.

Go ahead. Purchase our Cyber Tracking, Tracing and Investigative service and start gaining control.


Recover losses and hold perpetrators accountable for hacking, online fraud, and other cybercrimes.