Copyright Laws – Search, Registration, Enforcement, and Litigation

Copyright is an exclusive, bundle of rights that grants the owners/ inventor/ creator to publish, reproduce, adapt and translate literary, artistic, musical, dramatic, sound and cinematographic works. Copyright protection law is designed to protect the expression of an idea rather than protecting the idea itself.

The work must be published and could range from texts, music, photographs, books, videos, paintings, films, television programs, furniture, jewelry, designs, scents, software source code, information, name of organization etc. Copyright protection or Copyright License is granted for a fixed number of years, and such right is assignable from the creator to another person.

Copyright infringement cases result in financial claims for the damages, financial loss and reputation harm caused. Get timely help in registering your copyright works with the Registrar of Copyrights. Our expert copyright lawyers/ copyright attorneys at bangalore know the end-to-end process from copyright search, registration, music copyright, copyright licensing, online filing of an application to copyright enforcement and litigation. Continuous monitoring of any copyright infringement is as crucial as the registration.

Our expert team of copyright attorneys/ copyright lawyers at bangalore monitors with special tools and techniques to identify any infringement, violation, or unauthorized use of the copyrighted work. If copyright infringement found, we kickstart the copyright enforcement procedures by sending out legal notices to the concerned parties, DMCA complaints, take down notices, and also institute appropriate court proceedings to recover financial damages, injunction, and penalties.

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