GR Rajesh Kumar is a practising advocate and legal-tech consultant from Bengaluru, India, working across legal areas with a special interest in cyberlaw, intellectual property rights, corporate law, contract management, real estate/property transactions, employment law, direct/indirect taxation, due-diligence, and civil/criminal litigation.

Graduated from Karnataka State Law University, Bangalore and has been litigating ever since. He has a keen interest with the laws and legal procedures of various jurisdictions such as the USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada, having an overall 18+ years of experience in both legal and non-legal field.

His non-legal experience includes U/UX design, digital marketing/analytics, and web/mobile app development.

He advised and helped startups on incorporation, contract drafting, brand reputation, legal/tax compliance, and technology. He has been instrumental in drafting, negotiating and closing many mid to high-stake deals.

In addition, he had assisted many teams in setting up new processes for workflow, developing standard contracts and strategies for negotiation with their clients and vendors. Drafting, vetting and interpreting various types of international contracts/agreements including service agreements, resource and consulting agreements, agency agreements, employment contracts, NDA, privacy policy and terms of services.

He is associated with a legal NGO to offer pro-bono services – that advocates for free legal aid to under-trial prisoners, advocates gender equality, fight against caste discrimination, and safe cyberspace for everyone.

He also manages and contributes to various ‘Free Legal Advice’ Facebook groups.

Experienced Lawyer – Legal Drafting, Legal Research, and Litigation

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